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Denver, CO: Does CBD need THC to work?

CBD, one of the compounds found in cannabis plants, can take many different forms. There are CBD oils, vapes, lotions, bath bombs, dog treats, gummies, and even inhalers! Of course, not all CBD is the same and it’s important to ask questions about how the product is made, where it is sourced and if it contains THC. One of the most common questions is ‘does CBD need THC to work?’

 Go into almost any dispensary and ask this question and the budtender will most likely say ‘yes’ or even go as far as saying that ‘CBD needs THC to activate it’ which is false. Why would a budtender misinform you? Maybe it’s because they often work on commission or it’s possible that they are just not as educated on CBD and hemp because it's simply not there specialty. After all, the majority of people that are walking into a dispensary are looking to find something to get them high. That’s not the case with people looking for a pure CBD remedy

 The fact is that CBD can be just as effective without THC. …

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