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Will CBD Make Me Lose My Job?

Yes, it is very possible that after using CBD infused products, you may show up positive for THC in a drug test which can result in unemployment. CBD oil, or other products derived from hemp, is still cannabis and anytime you are using cannabis, if your employer has a policy against it, you are breaking that contract and they may have grounds to fire you. But before you start losing your head here are a few things you should keep in mind.

What type of CBD are you using?
There are generally two types of CBD products:

Pure CBD Isolate contains 99.99% CBD, with only residual terpenes left over. Products made of CBD isolate will contain NO THC what so ever. So if this is the type of product you use, then you will not show up positive for THC on a drug test. I have sold this type of the product to police officers, professional athletes, people on parol and so many others who could absolutely have NO THC in their system and have never heard of one failing any tests. That's because, at ev…

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