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The Top 6 WORST Places To Buy CBD

CBD is amazing. Every day people are discovering the many benefits CBD has to offer.  And now, with the new 2018 Hemp Farming Act, CBD is going to be even more accessible and you can buy it almost anywhere- but the doesn't mean you should! Here are the top 6 worst places to buy CBD from...

Multi-Level Marketing Companies:  Remember when you were in high school and got a job selling knives and it sounded so rewarding and easy but then your really just guilt tripping your mom, relatives, and neighbors to buy overpriced cutlery? That's what a lot of CBD companies have started to do. You may think you're helping out the sales rep, but really most the profit goes up to the top of the pyramid. What's worse is often their sales reps and/or websites make false claims of treatments or cures for those using their overpriced products.

Gas Stations: If the store you are at also sells alcohol, cigarettes and  Ho Hos chances are they do not have the best source of CBD for your healt…

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