My Interview with the CBD NP

  When you think of holistic medicine and western health care you often see them as separate options. Why is that? Why must we choose between the appeal and safety of natural remedies vs the reliability of working with Doctors and Nurses? Well, many experienced health care providers have been thinking the same thing. Some have taken it upon themselves to expand their knowledge of natural relief. This is especially common when it comes to cannabis. 

  I recently was lucky enough to meet Melanie Cross, a Certified Nurse Practitioner. Cross has over 18 years of experience in the healthcare field. She has seen the toll traditional pharmaceuticals, such as opioids, had on patients. She decided to look into a preventative holistic approach to medicine. That is what led her to Outch. Outch is a line of CBD infused topical products that also utilizes the benefits of ancient Chinese herbs. The unique formula has gained many loyal customers. She told me that she “has a lot of great success with Outch CBD. From day to day aches and pains that make an impact in someone's life. If you don’t have to deal with that nagging back pain [for example] then you can go exercise the way you want or get out of bed then that makes a huge change in your life.”. 
  As we shared our experience working with CBD oils, I asked her what advice she gives to those who are skeptical. She told me “Well, it's not going to hurt!.... It’s not snake oil. It’s not going to solve all your problems. But it can definitely make an impact.” She went on to elaborate that it will all depend on your ailment or what you want to use CBD for. She helps people find the type of remedy to fit their individual needs. Which is why she generously offers free consultations to anyone who needs it. 

  Cross says she has had “patients who have been able to come off their anti-anxiety medication significantly [with CBD]”. She expressed the importance of talking to the prescribing provider before changing your medication. We discussed the benefits of using CBD in conjunction with doctors recommendation and healthy lifestyle practices. Cross is effectively combining her passion for holistic remedies and her experience in the healthcare field to help others live a happier, healthier life. She is showing us that it is not only possible but practical to close the gap between holistic and western medicine. 

  Canvas Organics, a CBD hemp gallery in Denver, CO, is working with Melanie and other health care professionals to help educate their team, customers and the industry on CBD. 

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